Angry Birds

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6 Responses

  1. ningnong says:

    hayaaah.. aku malah blm nyampe situ bah.. kamu kog dh cepet aja??? (idiot)


  2. yusdi says:

    udah lewattt yeeee level ituuu…udah di page 7…….. (dance) (dance) (dance)

    nongnong cariin yang versi RIO donkkk…..ato yg versi EASTER


  3. ningnong says:

    ada yg RIO.. tapi di android saya.. horee horee.. :party:
    belum nemu yg edisi PC bah.. :alis:


  4. ulan says:

    walah saya cuma level 1 :P


  5. seli says:

    . Wwah luchu
    . sayang nya saya belum sampe level sama kang.


  1. June 26, 2011

    [...] Angry Birds [...]


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